Guardian Enclosures™ Stud Wrap 4x4 Deep Metal Box 52171-KSSX

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  • 4x4 Deep Stud Wrap Box
  • Professional Grade
  • One-Punch Knockout System™
  • Thickness 1.2 mm
  • cETL Certified

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Professional Grade C-ETL Marked 4x4 Deep Metal Stud Wrap Assured Quality Box 52171-KSSX

4x4 Deep Stud Wrap Metal Box

The 4x4 Deep Metal BOX is designed with clean and subtle edges with super fine finishing. It has even edges and proper depth that help to fix the metal box easily during configuring and fittings.

Galvanized steel metal with exceeding durability

The metal box is galvanized with super quality steel and aluminum coating that makes it a durable hardware product that secures wiring and switches.

1.2mm Thick Professional grade Hardware product

The box is a professional grade hardware product that is structured with accurate alignment with a 1.2mm thickness that makes it a preferably suitable and best electric fitting product.

One punch knock out a system for best installation

The box has an appealing design with that is best suitable for installation and gives flexibility to fitters. It has additional hooks and brackets that make it highly reciprocal for housing and outer fixtures.

C-ETL certification for caution

The high quality 4x4 deep concentric metal box has quality and design metal box that concludes C-ETL certification to guarantee the safety and precautions. It is galvanized with a super quality dye that resists current flow and prevents from accidental flow or shock.

Further Details:

The 4x4 metal cubic metal box with the specific design is manufactured with assured quality metals and dye that enhance the durability of the fixtures. It is conceptualized on a planned mechanism to improvise the inside configuration as best as external fittings. The deep stud wrap metal box has an advanced mechanism that makes them super compatible with other related accessories. Also, the design is suitably kept sorted for every required adjustment.

  • The stud wrap metal box is a superior quality product with assured metal and dye quality that has lasting features without getting rust or other metallic reactions after settling in crusts of walls and roof.
  • The square 4x4 deep metal box is enclosed with added mounting screws for walls and ceilings. The metal box is structured best for assembling with secure adjustments.
  • Superfine welding with fine surfaces resists harsh layering during alignments. Inclusively kept a budget-friendly product with high-quality finishing.